Linear Lift AL1

Linear Lift  "AL1 Solid"

With its lightweight and compact design, the "AL1 Solid" linear lift meets all the required guidelines for the transport of wheelchairs and their occupants. more...

LInear Lift "AL1 Split"

The “AL1 Split'' linear lift has one lifting platform, divided lengthways into two-parts. more...

Linear Lift "AL1 Panorama"

The "Panorama" linear lift is noted for its low platform height in its resting position in the vehicle and its large lifting platform during lifting and lowering operations. more...

Innovative design - lightweight: that’s the AL1 from AMF-Bruns!


The design of the custom-made lifting arms, unique in the world, is made possible by the use of aluminum profiles. Manufactured with millimetre precision and coordinated with each other, they function permanently and precisely.


This confirms the phrase: “Design follows function.”


The AL1 is the world's first lift with structural parts made of aluminium. AMF-Bruns is also the first lift manufacturer to apply this idea across its products.


Despite a lifting capacity of 400 kg, the AL1 is 25% lighter than the average lift on the market! This both increases the payload of your vehicle and helps the environment.


Our manufacturing principle: One Man - One Lift!

The goal of the development process was simply to build the best lift. A specialist took responsibility from start to finish and documented their work personally.


The assembly process is reminiscent of a watchmaker’s work, making the AL1 a unique product with a long service life.