Linear Lift "AL1 Solid"

With a load capacity of 400 kg and a light, compact design, the ''AL1 Solid'' linear lift meets all the requirements required for the transport of wheelchair and their occupants.

The AL1 is made as safe as possible using an automatic roll-over flap to cover the interface between the lift platform and the interior of the vehicle, which also serves as an underride guard for the wheelchair user during the lifting and lowering process, hand rails and a fully automatic roll-off safety barrier. In addition, flashing lights fitted to the linear lift ensure greater safety when used on public roads. The linear lift’s simple operation makes it the ideal partner for those who drive themselves or who are passengers.



  • Load capacity 400 kg
  • 900 mm lifting height

  • Patented lift

  • Lightest lift on the market due to newly developed aluminium arms

  • Choice of 3 standard platforms

  • LED flashing lights

  • See-through platform design ensures excellent rear view

  • High-quality surface with protection against corrosion

  • EMC tested according to EU regulations

  • Meets EN 1756, ll requirements

  • Optional: Remote control, LED platform lights (Solid 1380)

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