NEW: PlatinumSeries HD160 Black

The PlatinumSeries "Heavy Duty" is suitable for use up to 160 kg and can also be used for wheelchairs with an integrated lap belt (Kraftknoten adapter system). The retractors of the PlatinumSeries Black are characterized by their semi-automatic pull-out. Its lightweight, black ABS body is robust and suitable for everyday use in your vehicle.


This extremely solid 4-point safety system impresses with its resistant design and particularly easy handling. The retractors are attached to the vehicle floor with a mono or 4 stud fitting. The retractor can be easily attached to the wheelchair with a carabiner, hook, or loop.



The PlatinumSeries is compatible with all wheelchairs and vehicles. Of course, this Protektor series also meets all relevant guidelines, such as ISO 10542 and DIN 75078-2 with an integrated lap belt.



  • 4-point safety system for applications up to 160 kg

  • Robust construction and compact design

  • Durable and lightweight ABS body

  • Semi-automatic pull-out

  • Easy to use and operate 

  • Floor anchorage points with 4 stud fitting or mono fitting

  • Retractor system includes 4x retractor belt and 1x pelvis belt

  • Tested safety according to DIN 75078-2, ISO 10542 and WC18


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