NEW: PROTEKTOR 2.0 SilverSeries

The new generation of the SilverSeries 4-point safety system convinces with its high safety aspect, aesthetic design, functionality as well as high-quality materials. The noble cover of the wheelchair restraints is made of zinc die-casting - a material that makes the retractors particularly robust and which has proven itself in daily use in vehicles.


The retractors are anchored to the vehicle floor with a 4 stud fitting or mono fitting and can be easily tethered to the wheelchair with a loop, hook or carabiner attachment.

The wheelchair restraint system is supplemented with a pelvis and shoulder belt to secure the wheelchair occupant.


The SilverSeries is compatible with all wheelchairs and vehicles and is ideal for use of wheelchairs with an integrated lap belt.



  • Zinc die-casting cover, noble and robust
  • Fully automatic pull-out
  • Self-tensioning
  • Rotary knob for additional tensioning without effort
  • Easy, intuitive operation
  • Compact, low design
  • Wheelchair attachment with loop, hook or carabiner
  • Floor anchorage with 4 stud fitting or mono fitting
  • Retractor system includes:
    4x retractor belt + 1x pelvis belt (Pro 4) or
    2x retractor belt + 2x static belt + 1x pelvis belt (Pro 2)
  • Tested safety according to ISO 10542

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