Seat Belt Reminder SecurePlus

SecurePlus is a wireless seat recognition system for Smartseat single seats.


A display on the dashboard informs the driver about the status of the vehicle seats in the passenger compartment when the ignition is switched on. The display shows how many seats are registered in the system, how many are occupied and whether the occupants are wearing their seat belts.

In order for the seats to be registered in the SecurePlus system, the Smartseats must be equipped with a Bluetooth transmitter and connected to the system.


WHITE - seat connected / not occupied

GREEN - seat connected / occupied / person wearing seat belt

RED - seat connected / occupied / person not wearing seat belt



  • Bluetooth connection to Smartseats M1 with SecurePlus equipment

  • Two display options with up to 9 or 20 vehicle seats
  • Visual and acoustic signal (according to ECE R16)
  • Function when ignition is switched on
  • Power supply of the display via the car battery
  • Power supply of the Bluetooth transmitter in the seat with battery (button cell)