Our History

1958 / 1959

Gustav Bruns († 1993) founded the Bruns KG in Apen in 1958. One year later his son Erich Bruns († 2014) joins the company.

Bruns KG initially constructed agricultural machinery, however, the company soon started to focus on other industry sectors.


The manufacture of agricultural machinery is ceased with the development and production of industrial conveyor systems.


As a second mainstay, the "Hubmatik" division (wheelchair accessible vehicle conversion) is founded in the early 1970s. Manfred Feldhoff († 2002) shapes and manages the "Hubmatik" division.


Production of the first AMF-Bruns wheelchair safety systems (at that time with bayonet mounts) and lift systems begins. The first static tests take place.


Opening of a branch in Friesoythe, located about 30 km away. 


AMF-Bruns invents the world’s first 4-point retractor wheelchair restraint system. First dynamic crash tests in cooperation with TU Berlin (Technical University of Berlin) show the high degree of safety compared to other systems.


Crash tests are carried out in cooperation with Volkswagen. The AMF-Bruns wheelchair securement system PROTEKTOR passes initial tests involving 20 G and becomes standard in Germany.


AMF-Bruns 4-point wheelchair & occupant restraint system PROTEKTOR is incorporated as a standard in the first DIN 75078.

1993 / 1995

Drawing boards become redundant with the introduction of computerised technology and CAD software to optimise production processes for designs.


Since 1993, the company has been managed by the third generation. Jürgen Bruns, responsible for the system construction division, joined the company in 1993. Two years later, in 1995, his brother Gerit Bruns follows. He is in charge of the Hubmatik division (vehicle conversion).


AMF-Bruns constructs the first "Kraftknoten" system PROSAFE (wheelchair safety system with integrated lap belt). Tests with the BASt (German Highway Research Institute) are extremely successful and clearly demonstrate a marked rise in safety during accidents. AMF-Bruns is the only manufacturer worldwide!

PROSAFE becomes part of DIN 75078, part 2.


Successful testing of the wheelchair restraints PROTEKTOR according to ISO 10542 with TÜV Rheinland and according to EN 2001/85/EG, Annex Vll for M2 and M3 vehicles.


For the development and successful market launch of a safety system for wheelchair users in vehicles, the "Akademie Bruderhilfe" awards AMF-Bruns with the Road Safety Prize 2004.


Introduction of an ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) in both business units.


Foundation of the subsidiary AMF-BRUNS UK Ltd. in Manchester, United Kingdom.


AMF-Bruns takes over the Dutch company Smartfloor B.V. in the Netherlands.


SMARTFLOOR is a tested, patented aluminium system floor for minibuses. Wheelchairs and tested M1 individual seats (SMARTSEATS) can be positioned flexibly.


Expansion of the main plant in Apen by building a new vehicle conversion workshop.


AMF-Bruns develops and patents the FUTURESAFE, the first flexible head and backrest with integrated safety belt for vehicles.

2008 / 2009

Construction of an in-house calibrated pull test facility with 6 cylinders. Since 2009, static pull tests have been carried out at the company headquarters in Apen.

Approval of the facility by TÜV Nord (DE), RDW (NL) and VCA (GB).


Introduction of lean management at AMF-Bruns in cooperation with Porsche Consulting. From now on, lifts and vehicles are produced in one line.


Construction of the new office building and expansion of the business unit Hubmatik.


Change of name to AMF-Bruns GmbH & Co. KG.


The LINEARLIFT AL1 wins the design prize "Red Dot Award" and is particularly commended for its unusually lightweight construction using aluminium.


Foundation of the North American subsidiary AMF-Bruns of America LP in Hudson, USA.


Establishment of an additional line for small vehicles.

In addition to the usual production volume of vehicles with rear cut floor, up to eighteen further vehicles can be built per week on both lines.



Launch of the PROTEKTOR Platinum Series "Heavy Duty". Tested according to ISO 10542 and DIN 75078.


Opening of a second production line for the large vehicle category. It increases the capacity and at the same time reduces the lead time per vehicle for the existing lines. The positive result is short delivery times with the usual high quality.


AMF-Bruns opens another vehicle line for small vehicles to meet the growing demand for wheelchair accessible vehicles with rear cut floor.


Foundation of the Forschungs- & Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH and ground-breaking ceremony for the new R&D centre of excellence with dynamic crash test facility.


The new generation of the PROTEKTOR occupant & wheelchair restraint system is launched.

The wheelchair restraints of the PROTEKTOR 2.0 system impress with robust materials, high-quality manufacturing, user-friendliness and set global safety standards in road traffic.


Honoured with the Red Dot Design Award 2020!


Installation of e-charging points for employees and visitors.


Establishment of the AMF-Bruns Foundation.


A separate production facility for steel construction and welded assemblies is established in Romania.


Acquisition of AMF-Bruns' first own truck.


New car park for 642 new parking spaces for storage vehicles, 6 truck parking spaces for deliveries and 16 reception parking spaces for delivered vehicles.


Expansion of production to include a production hall in Edewecht.


Foundation of AMF-Bruns Freizeitmobile GmbH & Co. KG


A reason to celebrate - AMF-Bruns is 65 years old!


As part of extensive conversion measures, processes and capacities in production hall two were significantly optimized. Weekly output was increased by an impressive 150%. Instead of 18 vehicles, almost 44 vehicles now leave the Aper halls every week.