Wheelchair Restraints

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PROTEKTOR wheelchair & occupant restraint system designed according to DIN 75078 and ISO 10542.


AMF-Bruns was the first manufacturer in the world to develop a retractor 4-point safety system for wheelchairs. It was 20 years before other providers followed our example. Meanwhile, the AMF-Bruns Protektor system has become the worldwide standard.


Our high standards are complemented by dedicated work in national and international standards committees. Close cooperation with bodies including TÜV, the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt), the Dynamic Test Center (Switzerland) and the Union Technique de l'Automobile, du Motocycle et du Cycle (France) ensures that our systems are checked and improved constantly. The company's own test centre is constantly working to ensure that nothing is left to chance.


AMF-Bruns’ knowledge lead is also reflected in our current systems.


The “ProSafe Kraftknotenadapter” (integrated lap belt – the system allows a quick and precise anchoring of the wheelchair to the vehicle floor and includes a pelciv belt for the occupant) and the "mono fitting" are examples of our ongoing development of existing systems and are compatible. This makes the Protektor system even easier, quicker and safer to use than any other system on the market.


In parallel with this development, AMF-Bruns has been permanently testing the Protektor system to global standards since the 1970s.

In every test, the safety results achieved by the Protektor system always exceed the required safety standards. Even in the case of heavy electric wheelchairs, the Protektor system provides more safety than any other system. Dynamic crash tests at a speed of 50 km/h and a deceleration of 20 G, numerous statistical tests together with practical driving tests with wheelchairs and dummies have proven this time and time again.



The AMF-Bruns protector system meets the following national and international standards: ISO 10542-1 + 2, DIN 75078-2, CSA Z 605, CMVSS, AS 2596, SAE J 2249, 2001/85/EC.



The floor anchoring offers 4 stud fitting and mono fitting. The wheelchair fastening can be connected via a loop, hook or carabiner. Our systems are compatible with the integrated lap belt!