Sprinter M2 Smartliner

For trips with up to 19 passengers, the AMF-Bruns Smartliner based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the ideal vehicle. A comfortable journey begins with an easy entry, which is provided thanks to the fully automatic step and a sturdy grab handle. The spacious passenger compartment with ergonomic M2 seats ensures a pleasant and safe ride. The AMF-Bruns Smartseats are equipped with an integrated 3-point safety belt as well as an armrest. The Sprinter Smartliner meets all guidelines and regulations for M2 buses.



  • 13 - 19 seats + driver
  • Weight saving Smartfloor aluminium floor
  • Ergonomically formed M2 Smartseats with integrated 3-point safety belt and armrest for more seating comfort
  • Easy entry via passenger cap door or side sliding door combined with a fully automatic electric step
  • Grab handle facilitates access to the passenger compartment
  • Fire extinguisher and break glass hammers
  • Optional: available as wheelchair accessible vehicle with lift or access ramp