Mobility is one of the basic needs of humans and for many people enables a self-sufficient and independent lifestyle.


Yet, the daily routine of people with limited mobility is made harder due to various barriers which necessitate the use of auxiliary means. These auxiliary means for people with limited mobility you can find at AMF-BRUNS.


AMF-Bruns is market leader in Europe and specialist in the field of vehicle technology for people with disabilities. Our company expertly combines state-of-the-art technology with skills accumulated from over 50 years of experience in dynamic innovative drive. AMF-BRUNS is a manufacturer of vehicles for disabled people and associated equipment.



Ford Connect Euro 6b (with AdBlue tank) is not convertible until further notice. Ford AG is busy working on a solution.


Ford Connect Euro 6 (without AdBlue tank) is still convertible!

In 2014 Ford has launched an impressive new range of models. After releasing the Ford Custom with a low roof in 2013, Ford will launch the Ford Custom high roof and Ford Connect (which will be available in March from AMF-Bruns with a cut floor) as well as the Ford Transit.


The Ford Custom high roof offers a lot of space for flexible solutions. It can be used as a 8 seater plus driver or as a flexible wheelchair carrier with up to four spaces.The vehicle offers a lot of car on a small budget.


The base vehicle needs to be a 3.3to. chassis. All fitted components have been crash tested. Also a solution with a Euroramp is feasible but this can not be DIN compliant.


ISO 9001 certified