Linear Lift "AL1 Split"

The “AL1 Split'' linear lift has one lifting platform, divided lengthways into two parts. During operation, the lifting platform of the linear lift unfolds towards the centre, creating an overall platform. After use, the linear lift moves back into the vehicle at the push of a button and the lift platform splits into two parts. Thanks to its divided platform, the “AL1 Split” provides a clear view and free access to the passenger compartment. The automatic roll-over flap, hand rails and fully automatic roll-off safety barrier ensure the best possible safety levels. Indicator lights fitted to the linear lift ensure additional safety when in use.



  • Load capacity 400 kg
  • 900 mm lifting height

  • Patented lift

  • Lightest lift on the market due to newly developed aluminium arms

  • Applicable for rear and side entry (vehicle model dependent)

  • Choice of 3 standard platforms

  • LED flashing lights

  • Platform design ensures excellent view to the rear or to the side

  • High-quality surface with protection against corrosion

  • EMC tested according to EU regulations

  • Meets EN 1756, ll requirements

  • Optional: Remote control, LED platform lights (Split 1300)