TGE with swivel lift BSL 350

The BSL 350 swivel lift requires little space behind the vehicle, since it can be accessed directly from the pavement. This allows it to be swung in and out even in tight traffic conditions. The BSL 350 can be swivelled through 90° twice, so that the lowering and lifting of the platform takes place away from the edge of the vehicle. The platform of this sturdy and durable swivel lift is powered hydraulically, with the lowering operation being carried out under its own weight.



  • Load capacity 350 kg
  • Lift can be swivelled 2 x 90°

  • Platform can be accessed directly from pavement

  • Minimum space requirement behind the vehicle; easy to swivel in and out even under narrow traffic conditions

  • Lifting and lowering operations are carried out averted to the vehicle’s rear edge

  • 2 roll-off safety barriers and hand rails ensure safe lifting and lowering operation

  • Robust, bearing-supported lifting unit; absolutely maintenance-free as well as weatherproof

  • Manual pump for emergency operation

  • Hydraulic power pack integrated in lifting unit; space-saving and easy to install

  • EMC tested according to EU regulations

  • Meets EN 1756, ll requirements


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