FutureSafe Head & Backrest for Passengers

The FutureSafe head & backrest is safe, space-saving and comfortable - a flexible, adaptable patented safety system with an integrated diagonal belt for wheelchair users. The headrest and backrest are separate so that they can be individually adjusted to suit the wheelchair user. When the vehicle is being driven without a wheelchair, the FutureSafe can be simply swivelled back against the sidewall.


Depending on the type of vehicle, the FutureSafe is available with a floor or wall bracket. The floor bracket is designed primarily for cars with a cut out and ramp at the back. Here, the pillar in the head & backrest is anchored to the floor. The version that uses a sidewall bracket is suitable for minibuses. Several FutureSafe systems can be fixed in the desired positions by installing sidewall rails.



  • Head & backrest for passengers
  • Patented safety system
  • Separate head and backrest, can be swivelled by 180°
  • Height-adjustable, suitable for all major wheelchair makes
  • Integrated automatic shoulder belt
  • Floor or wall mounting available
  • Crash tested

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