Multivan T6 with lowering suspension

The lowering suspension is a particularly quick and simple solution for transporting wheelchairs. The rear of the vehicle is lowered within seconds, allowing easy access for the wheelchair via a short ramp. Unfolding the ramp is very straightforward. After the ramp has been stored ready for departure, the system lifts automatically on closing the tailgate.



  • Loading capacity 300 kg
  • Crash tested (20 G)
  • Aluminium ramp
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Foldable in centre
  • Various sizes available
  • Easy operation with two handles; gas strut supported
  • Hydraulic lowering suspension (vehicle battery)
  • Rocker switch in the rear of the vehicle

  • Easy lowering of the vehicle rear by pushing a button

  • Automatic lifting of the vehicle rear by closing the rear door/tailgate

  • Safety valves ensure smooth lowering and lifting of the vehicle

  • EMC tested according to EU regulations