Maxus EV80 with linear lift AL1

The Maxus EV80 with AMF-Bruns conversion has a full electric drive. With its range of up to 200 km* it is the ideal solution for assisted transport services and taxi companies. The electric wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) with high roof guarantees all the benefits of a motorized vehicle for people with limited mobility, and is particularly suited to emission-free trips in inner city areas. The wheelchair accesses the vehicle from the rear using an AL1 linear lift. The passenger compartment can be individually adapted to the requirements of everyday life with various conversion options.


The Maxus has space for four wheelchairs, or alternatively up to seven passengers and one driver. The AMF-Bruns conversion with Smartfloor aluminium floor, Smartseat single seats, linear lift AL1 and fixed step satisfies current safety guidelines.


With a motor rating of 56 kW the MAXUS EV80 is currently the only electric transporter available in its class with such a performance rating. It is equipped with a CCS charging connection on the side and a type 2 on the front. With the quick DC charging the vehicle is fully charged in roughly two hours (the battery capacity to achieve maximum service life is 28 kWh). Charging at an AC charging station can take up to eight hours.


* Information from SAIC Mobility Europe



  • Load capacity 400 kg
  • 900 mm lifting height

  • Patented lift

  • Lightest lift on the market due to newly developed aluminium arms

  • LED flashing lights

  • See-through platform design ensures excellent rear view

  • High-quality surface with protection against corrosion

  • EMC tested according to EU regulations

  • Meets EN 1756, ll requirements

  • Optional: Remote control


Product film


The vehicle is available for purchase or can be operated in a long-term rental arrangement with full-service guarantee for the complete running time; i.e. insurance, damage management, maintenance and servicing, for example, are included. The Maxus EV80 with AMF-Bruns conversion is available exclusively through MOGEoK GmbH.

MOGEoK provides flexible rental solutions and works together with reliable partners in the areas of servicing and maintenance. As such, as a vehicle for people with limited mobility or for people without handicap, this electric vehicle is an attractive option for assisted transport services and commercial use.