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Small buses with Smartfloor are fitted by us with M1 tested seats.


Only the best and safest seats are good enough for AMF-Bruns. That's the reason why AMF-Bruns gets their seats from renowned suppliers and thus supplies seats which are in the top range with regards to design, comfort and materials. Naturally, all seats supplied by AMF-Bruns are certified according to EU-Directives 77/541, 74/408 and 76/115.


AMF-Bruns offers you a choice of different seat covers. From plain designs up to decorative seat covers - anything is possible. It goes without saying that all seat covers are very durable and easy and fast to clean. Furthermore, all seat covers meet the strictest fire protection and safety requirements.


You can design the passenger space very flexibly using the M1-seat in combination with the Smartfloor system floor. The M1-seat can only be used in combination with the Smartfloor system floor.



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