Sani-Sation: Hand disinfection for passengers

23 November 2020

The AMF-Bruns Sani-Station is a new innovation to answer sanitation challenges facing the transportation industry.


The Sani-Station is an intelligent dispenser for hand sanitisers, which can be operated via a pedal on the floor and does not need to be touched by hand.

As an additional option, an infrared thermometer can be attached to the Sani-Station, which allows contact-free temperature measurement of passengers’ forehead or wrist.

A one-litre refill container is included and can be used with different sanitising agents. A side window of the dispenser shows the fill level of the container.


The AMF-Bruns Sani-Station can be used both in vehicles and indoors. The dispenser stand can easily be mounted to the Smartfloor and is crash tested to 20 G. The premium power coated finish is highly durable.