PROTEKTOR 2.0 - The new Generation

18 February 2021

AMF-Bruns manufactured the world’s first retractor 4-point system for occupants and wheelchairs in the 1970s. At the beginning of 2021, the European market leader for wheelchair accessible vehicle conversions introduces a new generation of the PROTEKTOR occupant & wheelchair restraint system and sets a new standard in safety, design, and functionality.


Safety: The PROTEKTOR 2.0 retractors are characterised by a compact body with a very flat belt angle. The run of the belt ensures an optimal flow of force from the wheelchair into the structure of the vehicle floor. The PROTEKTOR 2.0 retractor has a considerable decrease in space and weight, which is very important for the daily wheelchair securement. Thanks to the completely new, compact construction, large wheelchairs can be secured even better in small spaces, than before.


The choice of floor anchorage with a mono or 4 stud fitting provides high flexibility. The same also applies to the connection to the wheelchair with loop (new mini buckle), carabiner or hook. Extensive testing and the system´s compliance with DIN and ISO standards attest to its focus on safety. Tomorrow's safety today!


Design & functionality: The new retractors are made from high-quality, robust materials and are convincing with their intuitive operation as well as their aesthetic design. The non-slip handle allows easy tensioning of the belt after the wheelchair has been secured in the vehicle. The red lever for releasing the belt emphasizes the PROTEKTOR´s modern design approach. The PROTEKTOR 2.0 was honoured with the RED DOT DESIGN AWARD 2020 for its ergonomic highlighted control elements, ease of use and continuing contribution to wheelchair passenger safety.

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