Coming soon: The New Volkswagen Caddy 5

8 October 2020

AMF-Bruns was one of the first companies to receive the new Volkswagen Caddy 5 to start with the construction of a new WAV conversion kit for this brand-new vehicle.


According to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, the fifth generation of the Volkswagen Caddy will be ready for delivery from early 2021.
With start of sale of the Volkswagen Caddy 5, the WAV conversion from AMF-Bruns will be available at the same time.


Although the basic vehicle is ten centimetres shorter than its predecessor Caddy 4 Maxi, AMF-Bruns has created a very spacious wheelchair area with a considerable length of 1,500 cm, a width of 815 cm and a rear entrance height of 1,450 cm. Another special feature of the AMF-Bruns conversion is the fuel tank, as the conversion expert has succeeded in retaining the original tank of the Caddy 5 Maxi, thus ensuring that the full tank volume and correct fuel gauge are maintained.


Also new is the EasyFlex ramp with the new EasyUse function; providing a ramp operation that is very simple, convenient and effortless. The original bench in the second row of seats is retained with all its functions. In the third row, two additional tip & fold seats can be installed, which convert the Caddy 5 Maxi into a 7-seater when no wheelchair is being transported. Wheelchair and occupant are secured by the new PROTEKTOR 2.0 restraint system – which will be launched early 2021 – and by the optional FutureSafe head and support.


Now available for the driver and passenger seat is the swivel seat console Twister. Elderly or people with limited mobility are often challenged by getting in and out the vehicle. The Twister allows the seat to turn outwards for easier access to the vehicle.


The AMF-Bruns rear cut floor based on the Volkswagen Caddy 5 and Volkswagen Caddy 5 Maxi is of course dynamically crash tested with 20 G, meets the DIN norm, holds the “Letter of Non-Objection” (LONO) and has a European type approval.