Mercedes-Benz eVito with WAV conversion

1 March 2021

The new Mercedes-Benz eVito is now available as WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicle) with AMF-Bruns rear cut floor. According to the manufacturer, the fully electric Vito with a battery capacity of 90 kWh guarantees a range of up to 421 km and is thus also suitable for long journeys.


The eVito with AMF-Bruns rear cut floor is even suitable for large electric wheelchairs thanks to the very flat wheelchair area. In addition, the eVito offers space for up to five people plus a wheelchair or, alternatively, for up to seven people (including driver). The non-slip ramp allows easy access to the vehicle and thanks to the EasyUse function, the ramp can be operated extremely easily and without effort.

If a wheelchair is not being transported, the EasyFlex ramp can be folded flat into the interior to provide a generous loading area for luggage. The new PROTEKTOR 2.0 restraint system secures both the wheelchair and wheelchair occupant. Extra protection is provided by the head & backrest FutureSafe.


All built-in components have been tested and approved according to current safety standards. AMF-Bruns has been a certified Mercedes-Benz VanPartner for more than ten years.